Wireless Services

help your teams work better

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Help your teams work better, together. It’s about faster, improved decision-making, simpler ways to share knowledge and invisible technology that just works.

• Google Apps for Work
• Microsoft Office 365
• Sprint Complete Collaboration

Mobile Security &

Manage mobility with your own set of security standards with solution sets designed to answer the diff icult questions raised by a world gone mobile.

• Mobile Security Platforms
• Mobility Management Services
• Secure Messaging

Mobile Workforce Management

Monitor what matters to deliver great services, efficiently. Take payments virtually anywhere with our intuitive, tablet-based point of sale system.

• Sprint Workforce Locator
• Workforce Manager
• Mobile Forms
• Point-of-Sale and Mobile Payment

Fleet, Trailer & Asset Management

Monitor the status of your fleet of vehicles and assets in the field and generate cost savings by driving greater productivity, improving safety and streamlining regulatory compliance.

• Fleet Management
• Asset and Trailer Management

Sprint Enablers

Build a scalable, efficient network – so you can build a scalable, efficient business. Create a dependable, secure and cost effective back-up network solution for critical connectivity.

• Global SIP Trunking
• Global MPLS
• Dedicated Internet
• Managed Network
• Managed Security
• Sprint Datalink Wireless Back up and Static IP
• Wireless WAN

Devices & Plans

Equip your employees with the right devices so they can be more productive on the job and utilize their devices to the fullest.

• Smartphones
• Mobile Broadband
• Tablets
• Sprint® Direct Connect®

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