Residential Computer Repair


In Shop Rates

Minimum $40.00 per

There are several common issues with computers that can be quickly resolved by an experienced technician. We do not charge for a full hour of service for any issue that can be resolved within a half-hour. This minimum rate also applies to the diagnostic testing or servicing of individual hardware components that are brought into our shop.

Hourly Rate $80.00 per

This is the general rate for all computer services and repairs. It is an hourly rate that is measured in 15 minute increments after the half-hour minimum requirement has been met. The vast majority of the services and repairs performed in our shop are completed in an hour or less. For any work that requires more than an hour of bench time, the customer is notified prior to the service being performed.


On Site Rates

Minimum $75.00 per 1/2

Some of our customers prefer to have their computer repaired within the comforts of their own home, and Computer Corner's technicians will make house calls. This is the minimum fee for a house call, and if you live outside of Oshkosh's city limits, a mileage fee will be added, and of course, we'll tell you what that is before we hit the road.

Hourly Rate $120.00 per

Summoning one of our technicians from the shop for on-site service comes at a premium price, however, the cost is easily afforded by many of our business clients that refuse to risk a single minute of down-time. It is also happily paid by those individuals who insist on the highest quality of service but prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home. A mileage fee may be added to the bill depending on the distance the technician must travel from Computer Corner. There is a one-hour minimum on all on-site service calls.



$40 per

Before performing any service or repair, our technicians carefully analyze every computer to identify the source of its problems. The diagnostic fee must be paid when the computer is checked in. After analyzing the problem and determining a resolution, the customer is called with an estimate, affording them the opportunity to decide whether or not to service the computer. If they choose to have the system repaired in our shop, the diagnostic fee is waived and normal labor rates are put into effect.


Windows Install / Reload

$120 per

Whether personal information must be permanently deleted, or the computer is destined for a new owner, or it is simply beyond repair, a complete wipe and reload of a system is always an option. Estimating the amount of time required to perform this service is difficult due to the wide variety of computers and manufacturers, so a flat fee of $120.00 is applied instead of an hourly rate.


Virus / Malware Removal

$100 per

The removal of viruses and other malicious software is a complicated task that requires the manual detection and deletion of infected files by our technicians, followed by a series of lengthy scans that probe every last byte of a computer. In nearly all cases, personal files such as documents, pictures, and music are unaffected and can be preserved during the virus / malware removal service.


Hardware Components Install

$80 per

Many computer owners are aware that their systems can be upgraded with a wide variety of gadgets, but they may not have the technical knowledge to install such devices on their own. Our technicians are glad to help improve the performance and functionality of any computer with the installation of new hardware components.


Annual Maintenance

$80 per

An annual computer check-up is just as important as a yearly visit to the dentist or auto mechanic. Our annual maintenance service includes the following procedures: dust removal from fans and heat sinks, the inspection of hardware and cabling, a check for malicious software, the removal of temporary and other unnecessary files, a scan of the system error logs for problems, running a disk checking utility to find and repair file system errors, running a system file checking utility to repair damaged Windows files, and finally the updating of all internet software, anti-virus programs, Adobe products, Java installations, Windows updates, and more.


Laptop Repair

$90 per hour*

Desktops, towers, and laptops have similar technical specifications and meet the same needs of most computer users, however, laptops are built quite differently and therefore require a different level of maintenance. The successful repair of a laptop requires a technician to have steady hands and intense mental focus for the handling of tiny little screws and keeping track of where they go. The disassembly and reassembly of a laptop can resemble surgery. A very delicate yet common procedure is the repair of a laptop screen; the slightest pressure from bending, twisting, or over-tightened screws can cause the liquid crystals or miniature flourescent tubes to crack. This hightened level of risk associated with laptop repair is directly reflected by the higher hourly rate.

*If a laptop must be unscrewed for any reason, the repair will take at least half of an hour to perform. The technician will need to remain free from distractions during this time which will diminish their ability to multi-task and ultimately impede the workflow of the entire shop. It is for this reason that there is a $60.00 minimum charge for laptop repair.
COVID-19 UPDATE: We have temporarily modified some location hours and access for customer and employee safety. Please call your local store for updated hours and appointment availability.