3 reasons why you should have active network monitoring

Active network monitoring is a real-time network monitoring technique that verifies whether networks or applications are available and working. Software agents or hardware sensors perform the scans on network infrastructure and against apps.

These tests pinpoint issues surrounding end-to-end reachability, packet loss, jitter, bandwidth, and HTTP response time. Most active network monitoring systems use the ping command to analyze network health.

Deploying an active network monitoring system has numerous benefits and can ensure that your systems are running the way you expect them to. Our three favorite perks of active network monitoring are:

  • Vulnerability Prevention: by delivering real-time updates and testing the routes with real traffic, these reports can help you identify system vulnerabilities and get them fixed right away.
  • Identify Issues in Advance: Active network monitoring enables you to detect problems before they occur or become severe. Additionally, active network monitoring works quickly, so you can fix any issues as soon as they pop up.
  • Minimize Downtime: Active network monitoring constantly occurs, so there’s no risk of downtime in your coverage.

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