Are Your Passwords Protected?

Did you know that 77% of all cloud account data breaches are due to compromised passwords?

When it comes to protecting your company’s sensitive data, passwords provide hackers the easiest path to your account data and recourses because they can bypass any account security meant to keep them out.

If a hacker gets into your cloud account, they could:

  • Steal sensitive data
  • Send phishing on your company domain
  • Change cloud security settings
  • Infect your cloud storage with ransomware
  • Forward emails
  • Add or remove users
  • Access bank or credit card details

But don’t worry—there are some things you can do to keep your information safe.

  • Banish Bad Password Habits Including:
    • Using short passwords
    • Using easy-to-hack passwords
    • Reusing passwords across multiple devices
    • Saving passwords in non-secure places
    • Sharing passwords with coworkers
    • Not using multi-factor authentication
  • Adopt Good Practice Habits like:
    • Using at least 7-10 characters
    • Using a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Not using personally identifiable information
    • Using a password generator
    • Storing passwords securely (not on a sticky note)
    • Not sharing passwords with others
    • Using a business password manager
    • Using multi-factor authentications with your logins

We really want to emphasize multi-factor authentication because it can block up to 99.9% of all fraudulent sign-in attempts.

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