In Support of Fleets, Trailers, and Asset Management

Asset management or fleet management systems are used to monitor the procurement, allocation, and delivery of goods in an organization. When people refer to fleet management, they’re often referring specifically to vehicles. “Asset” encompasses your resources beyond vehicles.

Either way, it’s essential to have a management system in place.

Why Asset Management Matters

Asset management consolidates financial, inventory, and contractual functions into one place to streamline your pipeline. Additionally, strong asset management directly leads to improved customer satisfaction because it can help your customers stay updated about the product or service they purchased.

Using GPS to Track Assets

You can use GPS to track your assets in real-time and make adjustments where needed. GPS provides a clear overview of where your assets are, job completion status, and estimated arrival/delivery times. This paints a picture of how you’re performing in the field and helps you provide a better experience for your customers.

How It Works

Asset management works through a combination of multiple components, including:

  • GPS tracking
  • Software
  • Telematics
  • Security and Safety Provisions
  • Maintenance Tracking

FAQs About Maintenance and Support of Equipment

Q: How do I remotely see when my fleet needs an oil change?

A: Your system will automatically send you a notification when it’s time for a vehicle to be serviced.

Q: Can I see if my staff is speeding in company vehicles?

A: Yes, the GPS capabilities enable fleet managers to monitor employees’ driving habits, including speeding.

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