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IT Hardware Lifecycle Management

With a holistic approach that spans an organization, IT hardware lifecycle management can help you track the expected lifetime of your devices and hardware so you can properly budget and plan for replacements.

Illustration depicting hardware and IT lifecycle management services.

Keep Your Organization Running Smoothly

Computer Corner can help with your IT hardware lifecycle management program. We have experience helping businesses with their break-fix-replace model, as well as helping them start tracking expected life and anticipated replacement timelines for:

  • Servers,
  • Routers,
  • Computers,
  • Printers/Copiers,
  • Tablets,
  • and more,


We take a thorough approach to auditing your current IT environment so we can document and identify key pieces of equipment to replace and outline a replacement plan for years to come. This helps you avoid expensive, unexpected replacements by budgeting and planning ahead.

Collage of images showing computer repair, printers, copiers and IT hardware lifecycle management services.

Our Comprehensive Approach Helps You Save Time and Money

It can be easy to only think about the hardware or device itself, but a strategic approach to IT hardware lifecycle management also takes purchasing or leasing, deployment costs, maintenance, and potential upgrades into consideration to give you a comprehensive overview of your anticipated IT expenses. 

In addition, our audit helps identify high-risk hardware and software that should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid emergency expenses and data loss, helping you reduce expenses and keep your business running optimally.

Hardware Purchasing Support

We are a certified HP or Lenovo dealer and can help you identify the best hardware and software for your organization’s needs. We serve as guides and consultants as you evaluate options and look to replace your IT equipment, whether you prefer to purchase it on your own or tap into us for hardware purchasing support. 

We evaluate all of your current technology to help you better prepare for future needs. Sometimes, the lower-cost option today could be obsolete sooner or require more costly upgrades in the long run. A holistic approach to hardware purchasing maximizes long-term compatibility, consistency, and overall ease of maintenance.

Illustration of a man with computer hardware.
Logo for Basement Repair Specialists, a Computer Corner customer

“We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Computer Corner. They have tremendous individualized customer service, and it is great to be able to call one number and have our IT, print, network management, cell phones and technology for our business all under one roof. We used to stand in line at the cell phone store and have long turnaround times for IT issues. Now we call one number and we’re set!”

Tom, Owner
Basement Repair Specialists